April 07, 2012

Found The White Iris

I brought this iris from my old house. It
didn't bloom last year, so I am
very glad to see it again.
This is a very majestic white iris, measuring in
at 42" tall. I don't
know the name of it, but it performs
well in the garden - it multiplies fast and the
flower lasts a long time.

Garden area started by the rocks
 that used to have Pampas grass growing around them.
It is coming along nicely.

I added these iris to the "rose bed island".
The bud is Rustic Royalty iris, then Spin-off iris, and the purple
one is an unknown. I think it might be an
heirloom iris,

I just love the flower balls on the red onion.
Queen Elizabeth rose is in the
background. It is now about 6 ft tall.

Portmeirion David Austin English
rose. This has a sweet mild

Row of 7 Pink Knockouts.

I am adding stones to the border of the
Pink Knockouts.

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