April 17, 2012

A Few More Iris Tips

Here are a couple of more iris tips.
1. Rhizomes should be exposed with roots spread
 out facing downward.
 If you live in a hot climate, cover the rhizome with
about an 1" of soil. Iris need
good drainage.
2. Iris should be divided about every 3-4 years.

Jamaican Dream 


  1. Thanks. Mine aren't blooming very well this year. I am going to cheat and buy some bloom booster and see if that will encourage them.

  2. That Jamaican Dream is so pretty. Amazing all the different colors of iris - but they are all beautiful!

  3. Darla - What is the bloom booster? I've always just sprinkled a little superphosphate around the plant in February here in Texas.
    HolleyGarden - Thanks! It is pretty amazing the colors they come up with.


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