April 06, 2012


JFK Rose. This is the rose that was planted
on the outside of the fence by the road
by the previous owner. I moved it last
summer to the front of the shade garden. It
survived the extreme heat and
now seems to be very happy in it's new
place. Behind this rose

are the white camellias
and white azaleas.

Pink Double Knockouts with the
red Mr Lincoln in the background. This
is the long row of 7 Knockouts
that I planted in front of the fence last spring.
 Eventually they will form one
 long wall of roses and hide
the chain link fence.

Abraham Darby David Austin
English rose. I have
to stick my nose in this one
every time I am near it.


  1. I just love the form of the Abraham Darby rose. Form and scent: wonderful aspects of so many David Austin roses.

  2. Lovely show of roses. I love the knockouts. They are so easy but the roses with fragrance are my favorite.

  3. Patricia - Out of all the roses in my garden, Abraham Darby is my favorite - the scent is out of this world.

    Lancashire rose - It's too bad the Knockouts don't have a scent, but I am trying to select others roses that have wonderful scents to go along with the Knockouts.

  4. JFK is really pretty! I had heard how pretty this rose is, but hadn't seen a picture of it. I'm very impressed with your Mr. Lincoln. I have one sad looking thing that was picked up on sale. Maybe one day it'll be as pretty as yours!

  5. HolleyGarden - JFK seems to be a pretty tough rose as well. All your roses look absolutely wonderful - so the sad one will look gorgeous eventually.


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