May 10, 2012

Barbara Mitchell Daylily

Barbara Mitchell daylily. I moved this over to the
shade garden last summer. I have mostly
pastels over here.  I think the pink
daylily's, in the Texas heat,
 keep their color better with some shade.

I just love the green throat and the lines of a darker
shade of pink on this variety.

When I first moved to this home in the Fall of 2010, all the
plants I brought with me were  just
lumped together  because the flower beds were
not dug or prepared. That is why I'm always talking about
having moved a plant here and there. This is the
new spot for the Red Hot Poker (Kniphofia uvaria).
It really looks like it is glowing red hot. The hummingbirds
like this plant.

Day 2 for Russian Rhapsody dayily.


  1. Gorgeous! I have never had my redhot poker to bloom.

  2. Do you have yours planted in full sun? Also the crown shouldn't be planted too deeply.


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