May 21, 2012

Daylily Country

El Desperado daylily with a bug on it.

I moved this one to partial shade and is
growing in front of the forsythia. It makes

a nice backdrop for the pale shade of yellow.

Beautiful Edgings daylily. This one
is now in the shade garden next to JFK rose.
Wish it was blooming at the same time.

Chosen Love daylily is now in the shade garden
in front of the dark pink azalea shrubs.

King Royale daylily. This
one is in the shade also. It became very
faded last year when I had it in full sun.

This is another lost and found daylily - Eye Yi Yi daylily.
It is in full sun and the color on this one doesn't fade from
sun or heat.


  1. You have lovely varieties of daylilies. Are you able to find them at your local nurseries, or do you order them online? Do you recommend any source in particular?

    1. I can't find ones I like in our area - so I have always ordered them online - from
      Their fans are large and I have always been happy with their service.

  2. All day lilies are gorgeous but the first one is a stunner.

    1. Lancashire rose - Thanks. El Desperado really looks good this year.

  3. Wow, I really like the Eye YI YI, beautiful, love the first one too!


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