June 07, 2011

Janice Brown Daylily

Flowers on our green bean plants.

Black Krim Heirloom tomato getting bigger. Can't wait to eat one. It seems like
we have been waiting a long time for tomatoes. The ones in the grocery
stores are just awful, in my opinion.

Janice Brown daylily. This one is a rebloomer.

Witch Hazel daylily

Zarahemla daylily

I love this nastursium. I have gotten unusual colors this year.

Okra started from seed. Notice the little fly(?) on the leaf.

The sunflowers are starting to bloom. This one is Big Blush.

Cantaloupe started from seed.


White lily that was out front by the rocks. I moved it to the shade garden
which is all pastel colors.

I think the cherry tomatoes will be ready soon. I told my
husband, that if we had to depend on our garden for
food - we would be starving.

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