June 12, 2011

Moonlit Masquerade Daylily

Moonlit Masquerade daylily. This one is new to the garden
and the first day it has bloomed. 

I moved one of my Lady Finger daylily clumps over to the shade garden.
In Texas daylilies can stand a little shade. In my old
garden I had this planted under a Dawn Redwood tree.

More white zinnias are opening. I still haven't seen
the red ones or red/white striped.

A gladiola that came up was planted by the previous gardener.

A morning sunrise with some Purple Fountain grass

A little bird lives in the bird house.

Morning Glory planted by previous gardener. Seedlings have been
 coming up everywhere.

 My first daylily to bloom in a pot. 
I have been trying to grow a daylily in a pot and succeeded this year.
I would one day like to have a daylily farm. 

Rudbeckia planted by the previous gardener.


  1. Love the moon lit mascarade day lily, save a piece for me

  2. All the daylilies will be ready to divide by the fall. I'll sure share them with you.


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