June 23, 2011

Savannah Debutante Daylily and Tomato Taste Test

Savannah Debutante daylily. This is a double daylily with 6" blooms
and a rebloomer. It's a little more peachy color than
than the photo shows.

Another shot of Fuchsia Dreams daylily

On the left  is Black Krim Heirloom tomato and on the right is
 Boxcar Willie Heirloom tomato.
In our opinion, we think Boxcar Willie wins the taste test over
Black Krim but Black Krim does have a good flavor.

 We've had a lot of trouble with
Black Krim - cracking and blossom end rot.
I've done some research on blossom end rot and found

 it can be caused by a calcium deficiency or  heat and 
erratic watering. The website recommended
 adding crushed egg shells or Tums when planting. We
also have Celebrity, Better Boy, Arkansas Traveler Heirloom and
Old German Heirloom. I'll do a taste test on them later.
The turtle came back yesterday and was banished again,
but this morning we found another eaten tomato.

 So I guess he/she is back.

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