July 28, 2011

Spider Spider On The Wall

This was the first day I have seen a spider
in this location. I don't
think this is the same one that had
the grasshopper for it's meal. This one is
much larger. It made me jumpy just
trying to photograph it.


  1. Those are good spiders. We call them garden spiders here. Is that what you call them? I haven't seen as many this year as in the past - I miss them! Last year I had one build a web across an arbor - I had to duck down to walk past.

  2. I read that they are harmless and are called Black and Yellow Argiope (Argiope Aurantia). This one is really large and even though I knew it was harmless to me, I just couldn't get too close to it, too scary. It built that large web in one night - amazing.


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