July 10, 2011

Dreaming Of Fall

All the landscape is in a survival mode. It has been 104 degrees for the last 3 days with no end in sight. I'm busy putting up the large bounty of tomatoes to use later on and thinking up 101 ways to eat fresh tomatoes. I'm not tired of them yet. I'm planning on bruschetta for supper. We had biscuits and molasses with fresh tomatoes for breakfast. Probably will have fresh guacamole served with chips and tomatoes for lunch. I'm dreaming of fall now - hope to get a second bloom from the daylilies unless the temps stay in the 100s all through September - I sure hope not!


  1. Miss you sissy! Your house is adorable! Hope your birthday was wonderful and that you're surviving the heat. Cara's at her dads right now, through the end of the week.

  2. Thanks Lisa. Yes trying to survive heat. Mother Nature is NOT taking care of her own - so to speak. Bet you miss Cara!


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