March 26, 2011

Clematis and Strawberries

Grandaughter picking the first strawberry. She said it was delicious!

Strawberry ready to pick

2 more ready. 

Pink Clematis bloomed 

more blooms

White Clematis. I planted 3 Indian Hawthorne around the Clematis. I read that their roots like to be shaded.

Not a very good photo but this is Purple Oxalis - Oxalis regnellii Atropurpurea. I planted these last fall in the shade part of the garden.


  1. Cute pic of granddaughter and nice looking strawberries, wow so soon? Too bad I can't have them any more :-(

  2. When we bought the plants they already had some strawberries growing on them. I wish you could still eat strawberries. The kids gobbled them down (after washing, of course) and were asking for more, so I guess I will have to buy more plants to take care of all the strawberry lovers in our family.


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