March 22, 2011

A Windy Spring Day...Please Send Some Rain

3 Junipers that I dug up from the backyard and will grow in contains in front.
  They are in temporary pots now.

Pink Clematis buds

Red tulip on front yard by rock. Previous owner of
 house planted it.

Red tulip under tree.


Double Red Knockout

Row of Double Red Knockout in front yard

Fence we put up. Front patio area

Silvery Sunproof Liriope... new growth emerging

Crimson Pygmy Barberry along with Snapdragons.
 They'll be yellow when they bloom.

Tigger on the round rock

Front flower bed with Crimson Pygmy Barberry, Purple Oxalis, Silvery
Sunproof Liriope and Snapdragons.

Front flower bed

Scarecrow in veg garden


  1. Wow, it's all looking great!, love the fence, is it from that antique place we went to?

  2. No the fence isn't antique. We got it at Lowe's. But I'm glad it looks like an antique. I'm quite pleased with it. Thanks for the compliment.


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