March 18, 2011

Rose bed

Future rose bed with daylilies and some other assorted perennials. The purple thing
 is our well house cover.  The pink Abraham Darby will look good in front of this.
 It was purple when we bought the house. I thought I'd leave it that color. It's definitely
 not my favorite color. This photo was shot before I planted the David Austin roses.
 At the left end I planted the William Shakespeare that is a purplish red color. 
I thought it would show up with the Pink Double Knockouts as a backdrop
 for it. In the middle section I planted a dark pink Portmeirion which will
 have  a bright pink Queen Elizabeth grandiflora, which gets really tall, 
 as it's backdrop as well as  the purple well house. The photo at the top
 of my blog, of pink roses, is a "Queen Elizabeth" from my previous house.
 Then over to the far right (which you can't see) is where I put the Abraham Darby,
 which will also have the well house as a backdrop. There will be a path in front of
 this also. On the left side of the well house I want to plant some tall Hollyhock
 called "Summer Carnival Rosy Pink" I want to underplant the Abraham Darby
 with dark purple Salvia called "Blue Bedder"  Here's a list of the names
 of the newly acquired and planted daylilies put in the rose bed: 
Dorothy Lambert, Happy Returns (I prefer this one over Stella d' Oro)
 Janice Brown, Moonlit Masquerade, Navajo Princess,
  Old-Fashioned Maiden, Red Volunteer, Russian Rhapsody,
 and Lady Georgia. 
Camellia and Azalea bed
Still have daffodils. They are so cheerful! In the background
are Firehouse Dwarf Nandina's.

Row of Double Pink Knockout roses. There will be a path along the front of these.

Camellia and Azalea bed. You can see one white flower on the azalea.

Right side of rose bed with vegetable bed to the far right.

Encore azalea "Autumn Moonlight"
Vegetable plot.  This photo was taken before I planted the vegetables.

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