April 12, 2011

Garden Book Called Mrs Whaley and Her Charleston Garden

I am going to re-read one of my favorite garden books, so I thought I might share the title here. "Mrs. Whaley and Her Charleston Garden" by Emily Whaley. It is a non-fiction book about self and garden re-newal. I still watered some today, even though we had a rain. The soil here is somewhat sandy. Eventually I hope the compost piles I've started will help amend it. I am still digging up the yard to make flower beds. I don't have a tiller, so it's slow-going, but I love having my hands in the soil. I planted a few caladium bulbs in the shade garden.

Full Tide iris 

Unknown that came with the property. It smells very good

Vegetable garden. Still have to plant carrots, basil, green beans, lettuce, okra

Pink Knockout again

Bed I'm working on, has English roses in it

Pathway I'm working on


  1. Thanks for the book tip. I've ordered it and look forward to a good read.

  2. Love the yellow rose, lend me the book sometime


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