April 06, 2011

In The Garden Today - Heirloom Tomato Black Krim

Espadrille Verbena "Peach Schnapps"

Another shot of Espadrille Verbena "Peach Schnapps"

I had a lot to do in the garden today. I watered everything - turns out our "gentle rain" wasn't much at all and the ground is still really dry. We've had no measureable precipitation since our February snow and lots of 80 degree temperatures. Turns out my Pink Knockout that was sold to me as such, was a Red Knockout. So I had to buy another pink one and move the red one to a new spot. I wanted one long wall of pink roses, so I couldn't have a red one right in the middle of it. Below is a photo of the new one purchased yesterday. I potted up the cherry tomato plants that I grew from seed. I grew these in little "Jiffy-Strip" pots - the ones that go right into the ground after the seed has come up. I  planted the leeks,  started from seed, by the heriloom tomatoes, which includes "Arkansas Traveler, Boxcar Willie and Black Krim, a Russian variety. Black Krim is a beefsteak variety with a maroon red color when ripe and a  rich flavor and medium sized.  Boxcar Willie is really juicy with an old fashioned flavor and has a really good yield. Arkansas Traveler is tolerant of high heat and humidity and resisting cracking  Then planted Nastursium seeds on the border of the vegetable garden. Onions and garlic are growing nicely. I will harvest some of the spinach tonight and have it with our dinner.  I moved the "Baby Gem" Boxwood over by my shade garden in front of the newly planted "Nantucket Blue" Hydrangea. Also bought some Southern Wood Fern, Krossa Hosta, Francee Plaintain Hosta, and Frances Williams Plaintain Hosta to go in the shade garden as well. Also put some plain green liriope in the back of the shade garden. I planted some more strawberry plants yesterday - they are "Pretty in pink" an everbearing one. The other ones I have are a June bearing variety called Quinalt strawberry. I then potted up flowers for my daughter-in-law in her flower pots that I brought home from her house. One pot will go in the shade and one will go in full sun. Plants in sun pot are: Espadrill Verbena Peach Schnapps, (see photo above) Revolution Gerbera Daisy (Yellow) see photo below, White Caladiums, and Silvery Sunproof Liriope. The shade one has pink impatiens, "Miss Muffet" Caladiums, Spike Dracaena, Purple Oxalis and Burgandy Glow Ajuga. 


Encore Autumn Sangria Azalea

Autumn Sangria Azalea with Autumn Moonlight Azalea in the background

Garlic coming up

Pretty In Pink Everbearing Strawberry


Double Red Knockout Rose that was moved to new location

Burgandy Glow Ajuga. I just love this plant

Saliva - May Night
I brought this from my previous house
Revolution Gerbera Daisy. This is going in the flower 
pot for my daughter-in-law


  1. Whew! I'm tired just reading about what you were up to! FWIW I think Quinalt is an especially nice variety of strawberry. Mine have always been on the small side and very, very tasty.

  2. I appreciate your comment. Gardening can be very tiring - but I enjoy it so much and try to be outdoors as much as I can before the 100 degree temps arrive. This is my first time to grow strawberries. My grandchildren love strawberries and eat them as fast as they appear on the plant.

  3. I really like the peach verbena!


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