April 19, 2011

More Iris

Watered the front yard most of the day, cleaned out the front flower
 bed (it had a few weeds growing) and planted yellow nasturtiums
 that will come up in front of the yellow snapdragons.
 Also put alyssum seedings in this bed. Still trying to get
 a bed ready in the back to have a wide variety
 of sunflowers. These won't be the giant ones.
 Since I'm on a limited budget
 for the rest of the
 year, I'm using annual seeds and some perennial
 seeds as fillers until I can get more shrubs and trees.

  Gypsy Romance iris. I love this one because it has a blue
 beard. Up close it is beautiful.

Another shot of Gypsy Romance iris

This is Elainealope iris. I bought it because I have a sister named
 Elaine and she is an iris lover and avid gardener.

Another shot

Superstition iris

Cherry tomatoes

More of Rustic Royalty iris

Superstition iris

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