April 11, 2011

Spin-off Iris

We finally got a good rain last night. I hope there will be more as it won't get us out of our drought. I saw a Road-Runner in the yard yesterday and got it on video but not on my photo camera. They eat snakes and scorpions among other things. I hope I don't see any those in my yard. We have also had has a visitor off and on since January, a BALD-headed red cardinal. He is the ugliest sight and travels alone - not in a female/male pair. I captured him on video too. I would like to try and get a photo of him. If anyone has seen one of these birds let me know. I'm adding a few more iris pictures and one of the David Austin english rose - Graham Thomas. Not much else is blooming right now. If you want to view the picture in a bigger size - just double click the photo to make it larger.

Spin-Off (Tall bearded pink bi-color Maryott 1987)
 gets to 32" tall

Another shot of Spin-off

I love this iris - it's name is unknown

Graham Thomas "David Austin English Rose"


  1. Graham Thomas is one of my favorite English roses. I've found (to my cost!) that English roses in general do not stand up to the rigors of our northern Colorado climate, so I love seeing how they thrive in other places. And your irises are just lovely.

  2. Most roses in North Texas are a challenge as well. (exception being the Knockout Rose) They do wonderful in the spring, but when summer arrives they kinda just sit there waiting for cooler temps or they just get fewer and smaller flowers. My sister that lives in Nebraska has told me she doesn't have much luck either because of cold temps. My English roses are babies right now, so I don't know if I'll get many photos out of them this year, but the Graham Thomas has taken off is growing rapidly.

  3. Griffith Buck's roses are really what work up here. He really understood the vagaries of climate in Iowa, i.e. freezing cold and blistering heat, and there are some lovely choices among his roses. You might look up some background to see whether you think one or two might be worth a look. I have Griff's Red and, even in the blasted high desert heat, it is a blooming fool.


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